Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Move over, Barley's!

There's a new best pizza place in Knoxville!

Hard Knox Pizza
Hard Knox Pizzeria on Urbanspoon
 Ok, sorry for the straight-up advertisement, but I really don't think enough people know about this place. It's located in the same plaza as Fresh Market on Kingston Pike. They make real deal, wood-fired pizza and have a fantastic menu. Andy & I rocked the Pastrano: a cream & mozzarella base with mozzarella, Italian roast sausage, caramelized garlic, thyme, rosemany, and parm and romano cheese. This thing was amazing and the crust was very good. I usually get upset when a pizza place doesn't offer something to dip the crust in but this crust was just fine completely naked. It was free cone day and Ben & Jerry's but if it wasn't I would have been completely tempted by their in-house gelato and I am still upset I didn't try an Italian soda. This place will be my Metro Pulse vote for best pizzeria this year for SURE!

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  1. i've seen this place before...but i always forget about it bc it is off the beaten path. john and i may have to go give it a try. let me know the next time you eat there ;)