Friday, September 21, 2012

Things You Gotta Do: Go to a KPop Concert

Ok, this is kind of a hybrid "Things You Gotta Do" and "KPop Slam" post, but bear with me.

Not that kind of bear!

So, if you don't know by now, KPop fans are some of the absolute girliest, girl-tastic, grily girl girls in the WORLD.

Find a boy... I DARE YOU!

As I have said before, learning to love the sugar-coated, chocolate-dipped, cotton candy cloud-riding unicorn that is KPop makes your life in Korea EXCEPTIONALLY more tolerable. You get excited when a make-up store blasts your favorite KPop band. It helps you appreciate the Korean popular culture more and gives you intense insight into just why Koreans are completely and hopelessly obsessed with plastic surgery (ok, I guess I know what my next blog post is going to be). You can giggle at the ladies with their sex-driven aegyo, and drool over the sexiest men to ever grace the Korean gene pool.

It's totally true... I don't know why you're looking at me like that...

So when my friends and I heard that there was a KPop festival going down at Incheon's Olympic Stadium (Incheon is an island off the coast of Seoul, it's where Seoul's real airport is and it's reachable by Seoul's subway system). and that the tickets were a whopping 50 cents for foreigners we were SO THERE!

My friend C also taught at an all girls high school last year. The two of us and the Kimchi Queen also lived in the same neighborhood. Our routine was to get together after school and bitch about KPop videos, gush of KPop men, and sing the songs in our terrible, broken Korean.

C and I also have a habit of imbibing too much soju (wait... that's a thing?) and reenacting our favorite music videos infront of people, often in very public places. When she and I heard that SHINee was going to be at this concert, we just about crapped our pants with excitement.

C and I love them because they are, hands down, the best dancers in KPop
I really can't imagine why KQ likes them.

The festival was a pretty big thing. There were 18 groups performing. Among them were huge names like IU, BAP, Infinite, SHINee, BoA, 4Minute, and KARA as well as some new-ish groups and some solo artists. The crowd was decent. There was a huge VIP section on the ground of the stadium, where us foreigners were firmly situated. I am pretty sure that they only made the tickets so cheap for us because they wanted to show footage of a big pile of westerners in order to convince the rest of the world that the Korean Wave is actually a thing (Oh, well, there's another thing I need to post about, damn it's been a long time).

One of the best parts of the concert was the fact that SeungHyun was with me. SeungHyun does not typically listen to KPop, but he appreciates it. And, let me tell you, he REALLY got into some of the performers. He was doing a lot of the dance moves to IU and knew most of the words to many of the more famous songs. However, nothing he did could match the amount of freaking out C and I did once SHINee hit the stage. We know almost all of the dance to their song "Sherlock" and I'm shocked that we didn't just jump up and do it with them. We screamed our favorite lines at each other and were so shocked that their dancing is just as amazing live as it was in the video.

Visual Approximation

The girls in the crowd were adequately young, girly, and swooning over their favorite groups. They all had the stereotypical Korean fan signs (black background with neon letters, laminated, I really don't know how they make those posters so damn well) and the stereotypical "I'm going to die if he looks at me" look in their eyes. At one point, during BoA's performance (solo female singer), one of the members of SHINee got on stage and was sexually abused by her pretty thoroughly. I'm positive at least one girl in the crowd fainted.

The only downside to this concert was that it was being taped for SBS MTV. This meant that it was super staged, super timed, and super short. None of the performers got to really show off their personality or their playfulness. The well known groups only did two songs (EVEN SHINEE ONLY DID TWO, I WAS READY TO RIOT!!!) and the lesser known groups did one song. I don't think I got the full KPop experience. I'm planning on going to the Busan Fireworks Festival and, hopefully, storming the stage at the Big Bang and PSY concert happening the night before the Fireworks. Yes, that's right, I might be seeing Big Bang...

I might see Big Bang...

The only KPop band I am a 100% legitimate fan of.

Which means that I'll be "close" to T.O.P. ...
... those...
... eyebrows...

And PSY!!!
I assure you, if I get tickets to this concert, I will be horsey-ing allll the way to Busan

So a visual of this concert is perfectly summed up in this:
Seungri of Big Bang doing the Gangnam Style

And the entire concert I will look like this:

Visual Approximation


  1. Make sure to bring coffee when you see PSY.

  2. Hi there, came across your blogpost whilst looking for info on the Busan Fireworks Festival Kpop concert. By any chance do you know how to get tickets to that Kpop concert in Busan? Also I'm curious if Oct 26, the day it's on, is a school holiday or holiday of somesort such that it will be hard to get transportation to Busan?
    Cool post! Can't get enough of Shinee too :)

    1. Hey, so there was apparently massive miscommunication. The concert is going to be SNSD (Girls Generation), Teen Top, IU, and two solo acts. I wanna cry in my corn flakes. I looked on the Korean site (9/10 they have way more information) to see about tickets, but wasn't able to find any info. They'll probably release info closer to the date. Korean event tickets are almost always held until the last minute. Hope to see you there!

  3. Hi Margaret, you do live in a South Korea? I want to visit Korea in April-May and I would like to desperately visit any k-pop concert.. Do you know when can I get any schedule of concerts held next year? thank you sooo much in advance

    1. Hey Veronika!

      Yes, I live in Seoul. The one most annoying thing I've found about KPop concerts is that they are pretty poorly advertised, especially in a language other then Korean. Ads for concerts don't normally go up until the month before the event. I'll keep an eye out for you!

  4. Thank you very very much Margaret! You are so kind! thank you once more!

  5. Hi Margaret,

    love your post! Im a fellow vip too :))) hey, just wondering what are the best options for getting concert tickets for us from overseas other than g-market? Would lovvvve to go to GD concert this spring in Seoul

    Thanks before :)

    1. Hey Peach,

      Other than GMarket, the best website is Interpark Tickets ( They have the same problem that a lot of Korean ticketing websites have: they don't offer tickets for an event until it's a month or two before the actual concert date. It's better to look at the individual band websites if you're wanting advanced notice of when they'll be performing.

      Hope this helps!

    2. Thanks for your fast reply :)

      I heard about interpark too but they say it's somehow limited compare to G market.
      I dont think we from overseas have high possibilities to grab ticket from korean websites (such as G market and interpark) as they sell very fast within minutes (faster internet connection in korea compare to where I am), especially I'm aiming for the ever popular G Dragon's solo (30-31 March), tons of luck will be needed for sure! Hahahaha

      Guess I have to find another way hehehehe

      Thanks once again!