Sunday, September 26, 2010

New Adventures... and Hopefully Health!

So Andy and I have deeply succumbed to nesting. In other words, I have gained about 20 pounds and Andy has gained roughly 30. We have tried to lose weight in many ways but if it's gross and we don't go balls-out it doesn't work. It also doesn't help that life constantly gets in the way (trips, holidays, gatherings, blah blah blah). So, we have decided, for the month of October, we are going to be vegans and, if it works, we'll continue the experiment. We're hoping that this will serve in place of the gross, tasteless cleanses we've tried to do in the past and help us lose some weight in the process!

The Challenge:
- Be 100% Vegan from October 1-30 (we both agreed that Halloween is no holiday to be ignored... mini candy bars are a gift from God)
- Cook as much of the food completely by ourselves
- Try to save as much money as we can while doing this

The Pros:
- Healthy!
- Makes us feel less terrible about the poor little animals (Sip will, however, still be consuming animal products because making a cat vegan sounds cruel)
- I am not very smart when it comes to cooking vegetables, this will help
- I am currently unemployed and will have so much time to make meals

The Cons:
- We LOVE meat, love it, think it's awesome and tasty and most of the recipes that are our go-tos involve chicken of beef
- We also love milk and eggs and in the past the overwhelming amount of oatmeal has ruined previous cleanse attempts
- The urge to order in or grab something quick to eat has most likely been the reason we've gained all this weight

This week, until Friday of course, we need to purge our kitchen of all non-vegan foods. The milk, butter, eggs, bread, noodles, cheese will be the most difficult because we have a LOT of it. We have decided that vegans who don't eat honey are on crack so we're not getting rid of our granola, but there's still a lot of random ingredients that either need consumption or need to be given to our next-door neighbors. We also need to get one last taste of our weaknesses. I had an Oh Boy from Tomato head and gelato from Coolato this afternoon with the marvelous Mallory, will have pizza tomorrow with Rizy during our It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia marathon, and will most likely have a corndog when I hit up Dollywood with Joe G. Wednesday. However, my mother's annual Harvet Market package, with all its cookies, whoopie pies, cheese, and other goodies, will be arriving this week and may be responsible for us each gaining another 5 pounds.

I'm going to be updating this on a regular basis to share recipes, struggles, and triumphs. Wish us luck!

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  1. Good luck! This sounds like a fun adventure. I'm excited to see how creative you get with recipes.