Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Trying to be...


So, I got a job (yaaaaayy) but it's not doing anything I'm terribly interested in (booooo). I call and set appointments for people to come in to a DirectBuy here in Knoxville and look around the show room and hopefully start a membership. I sit at a phone in a windowless room...
 oh well, it's money, right?


Well, not wrong, I'm getting paid and everything, but this morning I got a call from Tomato Head about an application I put in at the beginning of the summer. I saw an add in the Daily Beacon that they were looking for bakers and just thought "what the hell" and applied. I didn't hear anything and just gave up. Well, they called me this morning, the second day of my new job, UGH! I'm totally going to interview for the job and REALLY hope I get it because I'd love to see if possibly being a pastry chef would be a ftw as far as my future is concerned.

I love baking, like whoa, and I'm pretty damn good at it. Well, at least I'm good at whatever baking recipes I try. I'm wondering if I should make up a batch of salted caramel cupcakes (my big baking win) to bring to the interview... hmmmmmm.

As well as loving baking I also love planning. My aunt and I were talking about this over the weekend and she suggested I email local event and wedding planners and see if I could get an internship just for experience. I did it yesterday and already got one reply saying yes! I guess we're entering the next chapter of Margaret Tries Being. Hopefully this will be more successful.

Just as a footnote and an excuse for a picture, Andy and I went to Arizona and Las Vegas a few weeks ago. The Grand Canyon freaking rocks, here's a picture!

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