Wednesday, January 15, 2014

100 Days Project and Promise

Hey guys!

So, I know I've kinda been sucking lately. I've been dealing with a LOT of emotional and mental stuff over the past few months which I won't go into detail about on here.

Long story short: I lost all my motivation. My motivation to be good to myself, to my my work, to my body, and to this blog. Pretty much the only thing I haven't neglected is my friends, who have been the saviors of my sanity. Seriously, my friends freaking OWN.

I've decided to make a change to that. How I'm going about it is using a website called Give It 100. It's a simple premise: choose a task and do it for 100 days. You make a 10 second clip of yourself each day to document your progress/ inspire others. The title of my project is "Not Fucking Around." You can follow my videos and progress here.

Here are my 100 Day Goals:

1) Going to the gym three times per week.

One of the more depressing things that I have to make myself do. My damn gym is NEXT TO MY BUILDING!!! It's just pure laziness that I don't go. I gained 5 pounds while visiting home for Christmas after having gained 10 from having not been on my workout routine and it has left me feeling stupidly gross about myself. Time to do something about it!

2) Doing one blog post a week

That's for you, babies! I feel terrible how I've neglected this. Just as things were starting to heat up I began posting less and less. I want to have some more content and I know that researching (aka running around Seoul and having fun new experiences) will help me feel more accomplished and less useless.

3) Breakfast= Fruit & Protein

This will probably be the easiest one to do because I pretty much do this already.

4) Lunch= Vegetables & Protein

This might be slightly harder, as I had a big carrot and cucumber for lunch today with two baked eggs and was still really damn hungry, so I ate some crackers. Oh, and Kimbop Friday is the exception and is SACRED!!!

5) Keep my damn apartment clean

I spend so little time in my apartment that I rarely have time to actually clean it so it's typically a damn MESS. Hopefully with my new ability to lord over my time like some kind of... time lord (yeah, I know that's a Doctor Who reference, no, I've never seen a single episode) I sould be able to keep my shit in order.

6) Go to bed before midnight on weekdays

This should be the easiest one, it's most likely going to morph into "no computer after 10."

7) Study Korean every Sunday

I'm comin', boys! ;)

It's just embarrassing how shitty my Korean is. I'm hoping to morph this one into "attend a Korean class regularly as well as hardcore studying on Sundays" once I get my schedule for next semester (starting in March).

So there you have it. I'm also going to do a number of mini-challenges each week to try and get the most out of this experience. What do you think?

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