Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Things You Gotta Do: LotteWorld

AND inside, ohh boy!!!
Korea has pretty much two major theme parks: LotteWorld and Everland. Mr. Y and I had originally planned on going to Everland to celebrate Korean Independence Day but the weather was... uncooperative (code for "it was DAMN cold outside!"). So we cut our losses and chose to go to LotteWorld instead. Half of LotteWorld is inside and half is outside, which is perfect for Korea's bipolar March weather.

Our one mistake, however, was going on a holiday... just like everyone else in Seoul. Seriously, this place was MEGA crowded and the lines for rides were kind of out of hand. We waited for about an hour just to get into the place! Then it was a 45 minute wait to ride the bumper cars... the bumper cars, people! Yeah, bumper cars are the greatest carnival ride of all time, but come on LotteWorld, you gotta have a bigger space for them and more than 12 cars, it's called efficiency!

The best part of the day, however, came from what could have been our absolute biggest mistake. After trying to find a line that had a wait time of under an hour (long story short: didn't find one) and a really disappointing lunch (I had my first bad bibimbap... I could have cried) we chose to just suck it up and wait in a huuuuge line for Pharaoh's Fury. We were in that line for 2 hours!!! Thankfully our phone batteries were at full and I brought my Kindle (finished the second book of the Hunger Games), so the wait was less than painful. When we finally got to the head of the line... it broke down...

My exact reaction.
Now, what could have quickly devolved into...

Was expertly handled by the LotteWorld staff and instantly turned to...

They decided to give all the people who were waiting in the line for more than an hour MagicPasses. The LotteWorld MagicPass is... an elusive being. In order to obtain them you pretty much need to get to the park two hours before it opens, wait in line, and make a run for it to the rides that give MagicPasses in order to get one of these limited slices of heaven. Personally, I feel LotteWorld would do better to just offer an increased ticket price that allows you entrance to these rides only and has them on the MagicPass system, since these are the best rides in the park. Anyway, they came to Mr. Y and I and asked us how many. Being the sneaky snake that I am and given my love for taking advantage of massive corporations I quickly blurted out "4, two of our friends are in the bathroom!"

We hustled out of there and ran to the line for the French Revolution roller coaster  We decided to continue the deception and told the lady running the MagicPass line that I had lost my pass, and she let us in anyway! Mr. Y had warned me that he doesn't like thrill rides... my hand wishes I had listened. He wound up crushing my hand against the handlebar on his harness! Oh well, that's one thing where we differ. Oh well! This just meant that I was able to go on the Atlantis roller coaster with our spare pass! These were both very very good roller coasters and I highly recommend either nabbing a MagicPass for them or sucking it up and waiting in the insane line (both lines were 3 hours or more when we skipped them). With our last two passes we chose to ride the line that had given us such a wonderful gift: Pharaoh's Fury. Which... was AWFUL!!! Seriously, skip this ride, it's super outdated and terrible...

When all was said and done LotteWorld was a fun way to spend a day, if you're totally laid back and not impatient. If you're impatient I'd recommend finding a way to go on a school day, so there aren't as many families, teenagers, or college-aged kids (which was the vast majority of the people there).

Things You Gotta Do: MagicPass (if possible), get there early, eat junk food, buy cute animal ears, French Revolution, Atlantis

Things You Can Skip: Pharaoh's Fury, restaurants, any ride with a height restriction that is higher than your chest.

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