Thursday, July 5, 2012

Week in Review: June 30- July 6

My blog has gotten over 6,000 views and lately a lot of people from back in the States who I have not talked to in YEARS have been telling they've been reading it and really enjoying it. It makes me feel all warm and squishy on the inside! One friend said it's the "most interesting personal blog (he's) ever read." SMILES FOREVER! Thank you so much to everyone who is reading my rambling updates about just how amazing my life is and please never hesitate to leave a comment or even make a suggestion for something you'd like me to cover! LOVE YOU!

The Good

- I have spent a good amount of time with friends this week. When starting a new relationship I have always had a tendency to devote myself to the new partner and spend a lot of time with them. I am aware that this is not the healthiest course of action, but it's my pattern. SeungHyun has been in North America for the past 10 days both on business and on a brief vacation. As a result, my friends and I have been doing some pretty fun stuff.

- Last Friday was a Suyu Crew night out and about in our favorite corner of Seoul. I need to do a massive post about this neighborhood before I move, it's really a great place to live. There was dak galbi; soju, beer, and coke cocktails; fun and awesome new people; and noraebang (karaoke rooms). I got... too drunk, but it was a night of celebration and I wasn't about to not celebrate.

-Saturday I went alllll the way out to Cheongpyeong to celebrate the great Bacon's birthday. We rented a condo and settled in for a night of talking and drinking. It was really refreshing to be around the Gyeonggi-do peeps again (Gyeonggi-do is the county that boarders Seoul). In the morning I played Mama Margaret (my favorite!) and made everyone bacon, egg, and cheese sandwiches, because I'm awesome.

-Wednesday was my night with KO. We each drank a bottle of wine, watched Girls, waxed poetic, and told each other how much we love and respect each other. I am going to miss this girl like whoa.

-SeungHyun gets back today at 5:30 and the excitement woke me up two hours before my alarm and gave me enough energy to clean my apartment.

The Bad

- SeungHyun greatly assists me in the "eating well" department. He's a healthy guy and treats his body well. I, however, when left up to my own devices, have a tendency to eat nothing but crap. That totally happened this week. I have consumed entirely too much sugar and possibly too much cheese (if such a thing exists). I felt like crap but, at the same time, I was so happy to be doing it. ^^

- I really let my apartment get entirely too messy.

- Horrible post-KO night awesomeness hangover, thank God I wasn't teaching at all on Thursday!

KPop Music Video of the Week

I only had classes for three days this week and even then most of them were cancelled. Super Junior didn't release their new music video until mid-week. If I had classes I'm sure their music video would have beaten this one but, as it is, the music video this week is Sistar's "Loving U"

I've said it before, I'll say it again, over and over, I am biased against girl groups because I hate women. Just kidding on the hating women part, but TOTALLY not kidding on the biased against girl groups part. It's just that girl groups tend to focus more on the cutesy side of their music while the men focus on being sexy and intense.

Yes, please, thank you
I had hope for Sistar, though, their last video was DAMN SEXY:

Sistar has had their videos banned before for being too sexy, these women (who are actually girls, two haven't reached legal drinking age) seem very in charge of their sexuality. However, in the video for "Loving U" they appear to be stumbling awkwardly along the line between cutesy:
And super sexy:
Dancing on junkyard cars: everyone's dream Hawaii vacation
It's just a little strange. I don't know if I'm supposed to want to pinch their cheeks or pray for them to just start stripping. These girls are sexy, they can't do aegyo because aegyo on someone straight-up hot just looks forced. Stick with looking into the camera deeply with those sultry eyes, ladies. I just need them to pick a genre and, for the record, dancing on grass while wearing roller skates NEVER LOOKS COOL!
Not cool, just awkward
Lastly... come on, girls, you were in Hawaii and the hottest guy you could find to do a flip for you was this kid?
"Totes gonna get laid for this, brah!"
That's just... sad.

As for the song, it's cute, it's upbeat, but it is far from being my new #1 Summer Jam.

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