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KPop Slam: Guest Blog

So, as I will no longer having regular classes with throngs of Korean high school girls, I've decided that my best outlet for all of my rantings about KPop might be best regulated to a new section of this blog. I hereby dub me talking about KPop to forever be labeled as KPop Slam (an homage to the amazing trivia game I've been playing with my students this week, which can be found here).

This week I am deeply honored to be doing the guest post for the amazing, incandescent, and provocative Kimchi Queen. As well as being a dear friend of mine, The Kimchi Queen has an amazing blog about homosexual life in Seoul that you should follow religiously. Even though it's written for the homosexual Seoul community, it's also very enlightening and entertaining for us who are LGBTQ supporters. KQ has asked me to write for the Man of the Week segment; an area dedicated to Korean male eye candy. I think you'll agree that KQ picked the right person to trust on this matter.

This week's Man of the Week goes to the drool-inducing wonder that is TVXQ's Jung Yunho, or U-Know:

Did you hear that? That was the sound of a thousand tents popping up.
Jung Yunho has managed to make hearts throb since he was 13, when he was signed by SM Entertainment after winning a dancing competition. He is still considered to be one of the best dancers in all of KPop and routinely gets into dance-offs on Korean talk shows (where he is normally the winner).

TVXQ has a bit of a reputation for being hyper-sexual. Their song "Mirotic" (released back in 2008 but still one of the most requested songs from my students) had to have the lyrics changed so that the album could avoid a 19+ rating. The music video is also pretty sexual, with all of the band members in bondage throughout most of the song.
Tied up, jut how I like all my men ;)
Almost every KPop boy group has one member who you pretty much would have to beg to keep his shirt on and, thank God, in TVXQ it's U-Know who is always happy to show off his silky smooth figure.
I could eat a four course meal off that skin.
As far as whether or not this premium slice of man meat is gay, the rumor mills for him have, like for most KPop men, been churning. He's had a few VERY intimate public moments with band mate JaeJoong (also know as Hero). The two shared a kiss on the KDrama "Banjun Theater" but said in an interview that the kiss made them very uncomfortable and that they couldn't look at each other for days after. Such is the reaction of many who get to experience their deepest secret desires. ^^
*best Takei impersonation* Ohhh MYYY
He has described his perfect girl as being a good cook with straight hair, a strong personality, who is cold and distant at first but very warm once you get to know her, and who dresses casually most of the time but can also straight up ROCK a tailored business suit.
Maybe Jaejoong still has hope!
He's also expressed that he wants a woman who will be completely in charge of him... so maybe he was enjoying the bondage in "Mirotic" more than he let on (notice that in the bondage scene they never show him below the waist).The only girlfriend he's ever discussed publicly dumped him after spotting him at a cafe with Super Junior's Kim Hee Chul. The girl mistakenly thought Hee Chul was a girl (because he had long hair and was wearing a pink jacket) but wouldn't listen when Junho tried to explain what happened.
Yeah, I don't see how anyone could mistake Heechul for a man... I mean woman
One awesome thing about U-Know is that, even if you boys do try hitting on him, he's not likely to take offense. He has a reputation for being extremely nice and approachable. In 2008 there was a survey done among the Korean gay community as to what celebrities they thought were the most likeable and Yunho U-Know was at the top of the list. Back in 2006 he was poisoned by an anti-fan who put super glue in his drink. After he was released from the hospital he urged the police to not press charges because the damage was "more emotional than physical." What a softie!
Though it looks like his personality and skin are the only parts of him that are soft.
I wanna say one last thing: he is aging like a FINE WINE! He's getting that amazing masculinity that Korean men begin to develop in their mid to late 20s (he was born February 6, 1986). I largely attribute this metamorphosis to when their faces go from flawless to having just the tiny beginnings of wrinkles and the maturity they gain after their military service. He's gone from a cute, soft boy to a masculine, smoldering man. DELICIOUS!
Also, I attribute him with starting both the "Man in a Bathtub" and "Wiping the Drool From Your Bottom Lip" trends that are emerging in KPop videos and I COULD NOT THANK HIM MORE!
You are welcome to now watch this forever.

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