Sunday, June 17, 2012

Week in Review: June 9-15th

Sorry that this is late, you guys!

The Good

- I didn't die!

- I managed to go to a doctor with my coteacher and there was only minimal miscommunication (she told him I had diarrhea when I didn't, resulting in a super awkward conversation with the pharmacist who was about 90 years old and almost deaf).

- Threw another successful Suyu Crew Potluck at my apartment. I was a little distracted, however, and couldn't fully enjoy the party, for explanation, see below.

The Bad

- I almost died! SeungHyun and I both got extra sick this last week. He had a rough couple of days suffering from weakness, body aches, fever, and a sore throat. I then took over his sickness but replace sore throat with excessive vomiting and there you have it.

- I think I have officially alienated some of my coworkers because I neglected to go to an open-class (classroom evaluation) one of them had. I had forgotten to do something for my after school class and needed to use that time to get stuff together, but it's hard to convince them that that's the truth when one of them came back afterwards and saw me watching Daily Show. ...dammit

Music Video of the Week

It's a little close to call, but I'm giving this week to Wonder Girl's "Like This"

If you don't like KPop, or are new to KPop, this is a perfect song to start off with. The video is super accessible, unlike many KPop videos which tend to lean towards either just hott people dancing on weird sets and changing costumes WAY too often or more towards an absurd and difficult to follow story line in which all of the singers are obsessed with one male/female or a combination of the two.

Example of Type One:

Example of Type Two:

It is literally impossible for me to properly express how little I understand about the plot line in that second video, maybe someone smarter than me could post a synopsis in the comments below.

Anyway, back to Wonder Girls.  This video is attempting a flash-mob-esque feel, and they do a good job at it and it really fits the song well. The song is catchy and I really like the dance and would try to learn it if me dancing didn't come so close to resembling this:
In essence, awesome, but to the uninformed observer, horrendous.
I love their outfits because it makes them look like they belong in that shopping mall. However, this video, at first, confused the HELL out of me. I have been told that it was indeed filmed in Korea, but I have NEVER seen a shopping mall that comes anywhere close to looking like this. I was convinced that Wonder Girls had filmed it during their recent trip to California for the Google KPop concert series (yes, I have started reading KPop music news blogs and yes, I do feel ashamed) but that was even MORE confusing because how the HELL did you get so many Koreans in one place in America without at least one white person wandering in? I dunno, maybe these style of outlet malls exist somewhere in Korea, but I am unaware.

Ok, this song wasn't requested enough to be number one, but I REALLY want to talk about a few things that have been driving me insane. This video firmly belongs to Type Two: Teen Top's "To You."

Let me preface by saying that I REALLY like this song. It's catchy in all the right ways and makes me want to get my boogie on.
Oh yeah
With that being said, a few things really irk me about this video. I can guess that the plot is that they are all obsessed with this one girl, found out about each others obsession, got into a massive brawl over it, and now she hates all of them because... well... I dunno, maybe she misses the allure of her love heptagon. There are some good moments in this video:

Thank you, TVXQ, for starting this new "KPop Idols in a Bathtub" craze
But there's this one thing that has been causing me to actually lose sleep:
Look Closely


Seriously, this question has made me lose sleep. Not only does Teen Top have possibly the WORST band name in KPop, but they managed to find a first year make-up artist for their video. One tiny bruise on your face doesn't make you look tough or cool; it makes you look like you and your friends fought with plastic baseball bats and all ran home crying after you got hit in the face the first time.


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  1. Wait, by worst band name you mean BEST, right? Teen Bottom would be the worst.