Thursday, June 23, 2011

So I Forgot Something

Just a quick post today.

Once again the universe proves to me why my documenting all of my experiences in a blog is a good thing. How, you ask? Well, seems I wasn't told about another step in the process.

I sent allllll my Visa paperwork (see checklist two entries prior, unfortunately the "hot Luther lovin'" would have cost me an extra $1,000 to send, so was not included) off to Reach to Teach (the people helping me through the process). Once they received it they gave it a once over and shipped it off to SMOE. SMOE then, very quickly, approved the paperwork. Now it needs to be approved by the provincial office. I have NO idea what that means. My RTT contact told me it means that I have to position and there is only legal paperwork from this point on.

In my joy I posted this news on Facebook. My friend Kit, who is currently working in Seoul, commented that I had "just one more interview to go."

.... wait, what?!

So, I panicked for a second, but it was unwarranted. It was rapidly explained to me by both Kit and Bacon (also teaching in Korea) that I need to go to the Korean consulate and have a brief "do you have AIDS and are you a terrorist" interview before the official work Visa is placed in my passport. This, however, means I have to make a trip to Atlanta... that I was not planning on... for at least three days... ugh.

Oh well, I guess this process doesn't stop being complicated, does it?

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