Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Beyond Headachery

Alright, posting on the blog!

Attempting to attain a permanent position with my "better than most" resume chock full of experience in various fields and two degrees has proven to be a source of constant agony. I know that the economy is terrible at present, but I thought that having some sort of oomph behind my resume would make finding a good job easier, ohhh how silly I was!

Also, waiting to hear anything from The School about McAffry's long term sub position has also done nothing more for me than give me a feeling as though I'm waiting for doom. I don't know why but I just feel like I should have heard something by now.

My OIT job is holding me in the "non-starvation" zone, which is greatly appreciated, but I'd like to be transferred to the "zone of being able to pay off student loans" as soon as possible. Still thinking about extra grad school for my English master's as a last resort. At least that would give me a sense of purpose.

Anyway, I've seen a bunch of movies lately, huzzah!

Toy Story 3
This film is a beautiful finish(?) to the Toy Story franchise. Though it is kind of slow in the beginning and lacks some of that "the toys are alive!" razzle dazzle of the previous two films once this film gets into the secondary plot things really pick up. That beutiful combination of cute, funny, and serious that Pizar is famous for rules over the second half of the film. Since I am highly opposed to revealing maor plot points in a review, I'll say this about one scene in the movie: for my generation (late teens-early twenty-somethings) there is one scene where it is like watching your childhood silently prepare to die. During this particular scene I was crying the most I have in a movie since my seven year old self witnessed Mufasa die BOTH time I saw the movie. It may not be as strong as the previous two films, but this movie satisfies the need for closure the franchise was attempting to satiate.

Thank goodness someone decided that the Predator race does not need to be fighting Aliens in order to be relevant in today's sci-fi action film genre. This film goes back to the Predator film roots of a bunch of badasses in the forest being hunted by a few predators. There's also the added intrigue of two new species also being in the hunting location which I hope will be further explained in Predators II, which I suggest should be called Predatorses. Adrien Brody has by synonymous for "what the crap is he thinking" ever since his beyond well deserved Oscar for The Pianist. In this film he shines and tries his best not to over-act his costars. Without a doubt the best part of this film is the last 30-odd minutes where the original Predator is treated with respect and reverence with multiple nods and winks. The days of hackneyed plots attempting to mash two franchises together are hopefully over and the Predator race will now be given the spotlight it deserves.

The Last Airbender
If it looks like a tv show, acts like a tv show, and barks like a tv show, it's probably not a very good movie. M. Night Shyamalan attempts to escape his "what a twist!" formula in this Nickelodeon show gone film and unfortunately does not prove to be the strongest non-twisty screenwriter. If I ad ever seen the show I'm sure this film would have made more sense to me, since I would know the hours and hours of plot that come between the episodic scenes of this film. However, I knew nothing about Avatar (sorry Cameron beat you to the name, M. Night) previous to viewing. This film also proved that post-production 3D creation is now completely obsolete. The 3D in this film was just not there and only served to point out any and all editing whoopsies in the green-screen process. Lastly, the wide-eyed, surfer dude "acting" of Jackson Rathbone (of Twilight "fame") was distracting, comical, and unsettling.

I think that's enough reviews for now. Let me know if there's anything else you'd like me to rant about!

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